Which Financial Friend Are You?

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Which Financial Friend are You?

Friends are great aren’t they? People to experience new journeys with, help us in times of need, laugh with, and more. When it comes to finances the friends we have open up a whole new world of adventure. Ones who are on their A-game and are saving up for their future, the procrastinators who are on their A-game and saving up for the moment, we’ve got them all.

But which one are you? Are you the frugal friend who’s going to delay going out to have a less expensive meal? Are you the one buying the first round…and the round you don’t remember the next morning? Perhaps you’re the friend who’s intuitive and everything you make and spend just happens to match up perfectly.

Here we take a look at the different financial personalities so you can find your own. Contrary to popular belief, none of these are inherently good or bad. Can they be improved? Of course but what we’re here for is to help you see which one you most closely resemble. Then over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing some helpful hacks for how to take your personal finance game to the next level.

Now to get this started, I’m going to tell you a little bit about last night.

I decided to go out to New York’s Meatpacking district with a few friends. It’s always a good time with them and their individual financial personalities. First you’ve got me who it’s actually hard to get to spend anything yet I’m always at this concert or that wine tasting event. A connoisseur of Groupon, invitations from friends, and hosting BYOs. I’ve got the social circle of a D list celebrity and the perks of one too.


Then there’s Joey who is quite financially irresponsible because when he spends, he can’t get it out of his head that ‘it’s okay’ or ‘he’ll make the money back’. Sometimes those seem really logical or at least logical under the influence that a purchase gets made. Then the next day Joey’s left checking his bank account asking himself yet again ‘what’s wrong with me?’


You’ve got Monica who has money saved up and is going to take a good hard look at that menu before purchasing. She’s the one who probably has most of her stuff together. A good job, consistent income, saves, and occasionally invests.


Phoebe is always worrying about money and will be the FIRST to send out that Venmo request to get paid back before the check even comes back. No disrespect to her but if it’s on Happy Hour she’ll get it or she’ll show up before everyone else just to make sure she can sip on that Happy Hour special beer for 2 hours after everyone else arrives.


Lastly there’s Ross who’s the most financially aware friend. He maps out his budget, pays off his student loans, and does what a respectable adult would do. He’s adulting quite well and tends to find some pretty stellar deals while not sacrificing his flavor for adventure.


Now these are my friends – do any of mine remind me of yours? Or perhaps you and them are completely different. If that’s the case I’d love to have you share those personalities. We’re going to do something pretty special with the different financial personalities in the coming months.


I almost forgot about Rachel. We’ll be talking about Rachel’s personality in our next post. Sign up here to learn more and about the other financial personalities.

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