Introducing Jarbux

Whoever said saving money had to be boring or scary was sipping some watered down Kool-Aid. That’s why we’re here – to add a little sugar or shall we say, cash to your future. Introducing Jarbux: the most fun you’ll ever have to save money.

Jarbux is not a savings app. It’s not a micro-savings platform. It’s not a preset 401k allocator to help optimize your…hit the snooze button.

It’s a game that you play on your phone that has real world results. Spend money like you usually would and Jarbux rewards you when you save money.  The more you save, the more rewards you get. Yes, success can be simple.

Over the next few months we’ll be releasing aspects of Jarbux to get your feedback and build this out together. Because hey, we want to make sure we create something that you’ll love.

So sign up here for all the exclusives and details on our upcoming launch and mainly to become a part of building this experience together.

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